The handicraft is a testimonial of old traditions, where common used work objects were created as a necessary part of daily life.

At Esposende can still be found mostly in the area of Forjes, where baskets and other products in rush are made, and also hand made wood spoons and plates. In Antas, some metal home utilities, tin-work, clothes in hemp and tow, and pyrotechnics. In Belinho, stone (granite) works. In Mar and Curvos, tissues and rag quilts, hand made wood saints and other figures and stone objects. In Vila Ch, the tatter blankets, wicker or lintel baskets, woolen and hemp clothe, linen and embroideries. In Marinhas stone works. In Aplia, articles about the sea. In Fo, works in shells. In Esposende, hand made granite saints sculptures and other figures and stone objects, the construction of small boats (catraias), hemp towels and handkerchiefs, and fishing-nets.

 "Esposende a privilege of nature" is a trade mark of the City Council of Esposende.
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