Esposende has excellent conditions for the practice of free sports. The extensive Cávado river margins, is an invitation for jogging among friends and family, a bicycle tour or simply a revigorating foot march.

But if you prefer more intense physical exercise, look for Foz do Cávado or Forjães swimming pools, or the local Health Clubs and Gymnasiums. If you like horses, look for the Equestre Club in Gemeses, near “Quinta da Barca”, or in Resort Quinta da Barca you will find an excellent Golf corse. The Cávado and the Neiva rivers, for practical of nautical, free or organized sports. REquest informations at the Nautical Clubs of Fão, Gemeses and Forjães, or the Dunar organisation for radical sports.

Esposende also have a lot of public fields for sport activities.

 "Esposende un privilege de la nature" est une marque déposé de la Mairie de Esposende.
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