During summertime, the Esposende Town-Hall organizes street animations and shows. Among the foreseen annually activities, from July to September, here's the basic list:

- Beach Library (beaches of Aplia, Ofir, Esposende and Cepes)
- Fo Fair of the Book (June)
- Outdoors Games - "Ludoteca de Forjes" (June)
- Activities/Archaeological excavations
- Museums Discovery
- Photograph Exposition - Competition "Esposende, a Privilege of the Nature"
- EXPOZENDE (28 July the 1 of August)
- Youth Festival (August)
- Music Concerts in the "Praa dos Bombeiros"
- Workmanships Fair - Fo (August)
- Beer and Shellfish Party - Fo (15 August)

Visit the CME site in www.cm-esposende.pt, for a complete listing of Activities.

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