In a new century of emotions, in Esposende you will have the opportunity to feel new experiences and sensations.

In land or water you will be able to free your imagination and go for new adventures. Through the waters of the rivers Neiva and Cávado you will be able to slide down on canoe among gorgeous edges of beauty. On board of the Rabumba boat, you will have the chance to go up the Cávado until Barca do Lago, passing by the estuary of this river and seeing the water birds. Barca do Lago is the Middle Age river passage of pilgrims in their way to Santiago de Compostela. If you prefer, you can have a good time in the local swimming pool with waves, having the river Cávado and the dunes of Ofir as landscape view.

If you prefer discovering Esposende region, you can make some tours, either by foot, biking or car, and feeling the pleasure of close encounters with culture, past vestiges, or nature beauty. If you like golf, Quinta da Barca Resort has an excellent field by the river Cávado.

The night at Esposende has different approaches. Pacha is a well known dancing resort, and the organization has other diversion places, like Bib'Ofir. There are many music bars in Fão, Esposende and Forjães. And if you want to meet the portuguese popular folk parties, there's the Quinta da Malafaia, with a full program with traditional northern portuguese dance, food and amusement.

Don't forget to visit our monumentos and casual cultural events, specially in summertime. Concerts, exhibitions, fairs, street activities. Just ask around what's going on.

 "Esposende a privilege of nature" is a trade mark of the City Council of Esposende.
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